Well, hello there and welcome to my little piece of IMVU.

Come find me if you wanna chat, I'm probably parked somewhere.

I have a ton of meshes to derive from so if you are interested, take a look in my catalog. If you have a request for a particular mesh or a textured item, just ask. Please also ask if you are after a re-colour of one of my products.

I do not buy or sell files, so don't ask. I believe in self learning and helping others to learn because I truly see no point in the catalog being stuffed full of duplicated meshes and/or textured items. I have massive respect for those creators who hold the same values and little to no time for those who don't.

Feel free to join my group via the banner below. I can't guarantee that there is anything exciting happening in there, but if you wanna become a collectible like the other 600+ plus people please feel free >.<